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I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Psychology of Technology Institute (co-sponsored by Berkeley Haas and USC Marshall). My postdoctoral advisors are Prof. Juliana Schroeder and Prof. Nate Fast. Our collaboration focuses on understanding the impact of AI on individual and societal well-being. 

I obtained my Ph.D. in Management from MIT Sloan. My advisors are Prof. Drazen Prelec (co-chair), Prof. David Rand (co-chair), and Prof. Renee Gosline. My doctoral thesis is titled "Understanding Mechanisms Underlying Belief-updating with Applications in Wisdom of Crowds".

My current projects cover topics such as Wisdom of Crowds, Collective Intelligence, motivated reasoning and partisan bias, consumers' perceptions of AI, methods of persuasion and methods of combating misinformation. 

My Google Scholar site is here. My CV is here.

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